Instead of traveling to the nearest city to play gigs, the idea was to create a band that could play at local haunts closer to home. “We live in a small town in Marin County and the local scene here ranges from reggae to cover bands to rootsy Americana, so the choice was not too difficult. But it would have to be a cosmic sort of Americana band, one that I would like if I heard it somewhere,” says singer/guitarist Pascal Garneau.

And so a group was formed and as the lineup settled in with Charley Paul on lead guitar, Alex Kamages on drums, and Diego Gonzales on bass, a chemistry was formed and their sound evolved into something unique.

Steeped in “West Coast Soul” Americana, Brightsilver tip their hats to their Bay Area psych founders of previous generations, as well as a bit of Western twang, and further down the coast to drowsy Laurel Canyon vibes.

Their debut LP Strikes It Rich is scheduled for release in the Summer of 2018 on Payphone Records, with several bar gigs on the calendar.